DIY Terrarium Bar

I bring the dirt, rocks, succulents, and accessories to your event. You and your guests relax, create, and enjoy a little plant therapy. Because you’re never too old to play in the dirt! Indianapolis Area.

Not local? Individual and party DIY Kits can be ordered here

Welcome to Abby’s Garden Parties! I started Abby’s Garden Parties as a way to connect two things I love doing — being creative and connecting with people. I offer DIY terrariums for you (and your group) to create your own little worlds, starting with the succulent of your choice. They are among the easiest plants to take care of, so your terrarium is something that can be treasured for years. With an endless variety of decorations and accessories, you’d be amazed at what can be made. I love helping people tap into their creativity, and that’s what I try to do at every garden party, whether it’s a group of 7-year-olds or 70-year-olds.

Indy Now Appearance 3/2/22

Garden Party Birthdays have a 5-person minimum and requires just a $30 deposit.  After that, you pay per-person. It’s $35/per for the plastic terrariums or $40/per for the glass. This price per person includes the terrarium, bag of soil, scoop, choice of plant and all the accessories you can fit — and me as your plant expert and guide!